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  I wanted to share my artwork and musings, and this website is the result. I am self-taught artist. Since being a youngster I have always had a deep interest in the natural world and for 40 years or more I have been trying to express this through drawing and painting. By training I'm an ecologist and plant physiologist, and by inclination a botanist and bird watcher. Each of these interests influenced the other to a great degree - I get great pleasure from close observation of the world around me and trying to capture its essence in art.

In the plant world my favourite subjects are, without doubt, the orchids. Their ecology and life history is absolutely fascinating and most have an exquisite beauty. To my mind, this reaches its peak in our smaller, more elegant native orchids.

I guess that my favourites subjects in the animal world are the waders or shorebirds. They lead such challenging lives, travelling great distances on migration, and live in remote and wild places. Their piping call is redolent of wilderness and freedom.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to send any comments you might have.

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Dave Morgan.

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