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  Highland Deer   Title: Highland Deer
Medium: Watercolour

Dawn in the Scottish highlands and these roe deer are moving off to their daytime hideout and away from the woodland margin where they have been grazing overnight.
  Title: Red Squirrel with Hazel
Medium: Watercolour

Although seeds of spruce and pine make up most of the red squirrel’s diet, it also eats berries, fruits, nuts (like these hazelnuts), acorns and some greens. Its British diet is, perhaps, plainer, because it is now restricted to mainly coniferous woodland.
  Red Squirrel with Hazel  
  On the prowl   Title: On the prowl
Medium: Pencil

The Scottish Wildcat is a distinct sub-species of Felis sylvestris, a genetically complex group which is found all across Europe and Asia. Difficulties in identification are compounded by the possibility of 1000 years of inter-breeding with the domestic cat introduced by the Romans.
  Title: Harvest Mouse
Medium: Pastel

"...procured some [harvest] mice which I have preserved in brandy" and of their nests "...perfectly round, and about the size of a cricket ball ... so compact and well filled, that it would roll across the table without being decomposed, though it contained eight little mice that were blind and naked" [Gilbert White]
  Harvest Mouse